Arturo Nemi is a Spacer pilot.

Acquisitions Entry

Many consider alcohol to be an obsolete chemical. Once popular, its deleterious effects no longer suffice compared to the state of the recreational arts. Even so, many soldiers turn to drink in remote climes, even Spacers. Nemi put the bottle down when he settled in a cosmopolitan habitat to produce a wife and children. When they were killed, finished by an occurrence of Redlung during their gestation, he became an alcoholic mercenary once more. Fate and drink have led him to truly dark paths, and the stipulations of previous contracts continue to accumulate. A trusted source testifies that his consciousness has been subsumed by legal behaviour modification subroutines. The man who was Nemi is gone; but the profit and loss of Solo Nobre will be very enticing to the thing which moves in his place.


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