The Audio-Kinetic Pulse (AK-P) is a special weapon that unleashes a cone-shaped blast of cacophonous sound, capable of completely leveling most buildings, destroying smaller enemy vehicles outright, and causing significant damage to more formidable enemies caught in the shockwave.

Acquisitions Entry

Generates a cone-shaped shock wave centered on the unit that ranges up to 80ft before dissipating. Any targets within the blast zone can experience overpressure in excess of 70 kPa, known to cause building collapse and involuntary dismemberment. The AK-P must not, repeat, must not be fired against structures rated beyond this threshold (Solo Nobre district walls for example) as the shock wave will rebound against the emitter, often killing the operator.

It should be noted that while developed and legally used for domestic demolition, usage of this device in combat is considered a war crime by most planetary governments.

- Efi

Notes & Strategy

Note: Since release, the AK-P has changed from a point-blank area-of-effect centered on the player to a cone-shaped blast emanating from the turret. The in-game Acquisitions image (right) does not yet reflect the change.

  • Brigadors should take care when firing the AK-P at explosive buildings (such as orbital guns and ammunition depots), as its very short range puts the operator dangerously close to the ensuing blast.
  • Similarly, firing at the indestructible border walls will result in the pulse rebounding, likely killing the user.
  • Like all other special weapons, the Audio-Kinetic Pulse does not consume ammo and has a cooldown period between uses.

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