The Balão is a high-arc mortar for main hardpoints with a massive explosive radius.

Acquisitions Entry

Pride of the Novo Exército do Povo's artillery battalions, the Balão is deployed in almost every form imaginable; defensive emplacements, self-propelled guns, anti-grav platforms, mechs, and at one point even an experimental powersuit design (later designated the Dorothy). The barrels vary nearly as much, including long-barreled howitzer variants for heavier stationary designs, while a short barreled siege mortar style predominates among mobile platforms ('Chubbies" and "Stubbies" respectively). All variants feed from the same munitions courtesy of extraordinary restraint from the Design Bureau.

The Balão's ubiquity stems from its flexibility, as the variety of barrel and mount types is matched by the variety of munitions it can fire. While HE and cluster are most commonly deployed, there also exist incendiary, fragmentation, and other variants. There's even rumors of a chemical cache within Central, but who knows what's stashed in there.


Notes & Strategy

Powerful impact on the receiving end. The projectile travels a slow parabola, but the Balão is a rewarding weapon for the calculating gunner.


  • Balão is the Portuguese term for "Balloon"
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