Beginner's Falafel is the first Tutorial Mission in the Campaign, remade for the Up-Armored Edition.

This tutorial covers:

Acquisitions Entry

Clotilde Aalto, your reputation precedes you. The SNC counts many admirers of your work in its employ. The situation on the ground in Solo Nobre will take a little explaining, however. Follow your in-mission instructions, if you would be so kind.

We apologize for starting you off with no ammunition until you leave the base, some of our maintenance techs are nervous around you. By all means, please familiarize yourself with your Zöllig in a lightly defended subdivision in the Letterard District of Solo Nobre.

Welcome, Brigador.


  • At least 6 of 8 Addax tanks


The only available loadout for this mission is Clotilde's Zöllig

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