The Bishop cannon is a heavy Cannon weapon. It is extremely loud, and has a tremendous blast radius.

Acquisitions Entry

The Bishop is, quite frankly, a ridiculous weapon. Essentially a short-barreled smoothbore version of a cannon designed for frigates and larger littoral class vessels, the combined weight of the barrel and munitions means it can only be fielded by the heaviest mobile platforms, and even them with very limited ammunition.

That being said, the destructive potential of Bishop HE rounds is tremendous, and while I understand the need for such ordinance given the increasing deflective potential of modern shield emitters, this weapon should only be fielded in urban operations if there is no concern for collateral damage. Which is why I find its relatively common deployment on Huss and Canmore units within Solo Nobre extremely disconcerting - the actual firing of these weapons within the walls would inflict calamitous damage.


Notes & Strategy

A bang of ungodly proportion, a shot from the Bishop may very well provide the most powerful blast at the Brigador disposal (the Harvester destroys a bigger area, but using a number of submunitions).

Its huge blast radius makes quick work of smaller units, and even bigger ones. Depending on the distance between units, shoot at the ground inbetween them and they're done. Ultra-sized assets will need some 3 shots to go down, but these come as Captains, uncommon in the battlefield. Make the most of your long range visual capability.

Important to select a proper sideweapon. Taking a second shot at a half-dead foe is overkill, even more if it's only a powersuit or other tiny target; another Cannon, of smaller caliber, can finish the job and clean up the mess.

Corvid garrisons can swarm you, but if they do bunch up, one shot will take them all out.

Play your engagements smart. Both the firing and the impact have loud signatures, so contact will often bring more. Have always a backdoor to retreat to and give yourself breathing room.

10 shells can go by quickly if you remain stationery, blasting away at the onslaught; move in and reap the savage of your making or retreat behind a corner for victims to come to you.


  • The first of the weapon options (excluding in the Small category) are cannons with Church-related names, ranging from top of the hierarchy and bigger caliber to lower and smaller: Bishop (140mm) > Abbot (105mm) > Preacher (76mm) > Confessor (37mm).
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