The Bonesaw is a small, high rate-of-fire machine gun that uses ballistic ammo, commonly found on small units such as Mogs and small Corvid vehicles.

Acquisitions Entry

I can't recall the Bonesaw's original appellation, but I know it was some reference to the old regime which is why they changed it. The new moniker came from a single battle during The Troubles - Great Leader ambushed an under-equipped infantry division in transit through Linschotten, his attacking force comprised mostly of Powersuits equipped with the MGs. As you know Linschotten is mostly farmland - plenty of concealment but no cover for miles around - so when the wall of mogs emerged from those cornfields the infantry had nowhere to go. Most were shot before they could hit the dirt, and within minutes over eight thousand infantry had been cut down by the Bonesaw.


Notes & Strategy

A bullet hose. Fun to fire at infantry, powersuits, and scout units.

  • Damage is puny per shot. Rate-of-fire and ammo balances that, but dedicated fire is required to kill medium-sized targets.
  • If you're fielding a Buzzsaw in a lightly armored vehicle, the time it takes to wear down heavy targets makes it likely that they'll be able to bring their own weapons to bear before they're killed. Try not to get in over your head.


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