A Brigador is a hired mercenary of the Solo Nobre Concern, fighting against the Novo Exército do Povo on the colonial planet Novo Solo in a bid to recapture the city-state of Solo Nobre.

Although Great Leader is dead, Solo Nobre's still-operational network of Orbital Guns prevents the SNC from landing in force to retake their former colony. With no armed presence of their own, the SNC resorts to hiring proxy agents from a pool of potential pilots already present on Novo Solo to pave the way for a full invasion.

As a result, nearly all of the playable Brigador Pilots are either Loyalist or Corvid traitors turned by the SNC through bribery, blackmail, or other temptation, or Spacers who - for whatever reason - found the terms of the SNC contract more appealing than alternative employment.


Briga is Portuguese for fight. Brigador is fighter in Portugal. In Brasil, lutador (who engages in luta, which in turn is also Portuguese for fight) is the norm. There is briguento and brigão, but in these there's an added conotation to frequent and often troublesome behavior of engaging in fights.

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