The Broiler is a 12-megawatt Laser weapon, mounting on the Auxiliary hardpoint.

It is a laser shotgun.

Acquisitions Entry

It's a laser shotgun.


Notes & Strategy

  • Will toast shields with its blast of beams at close range (as it's meant to be used) and outright obliterate smaller targets. This makes it a good pair with the Black Hand. Discharge both at the target and be on your way (provided you have a fast vehicle).
  • Its rate of fire pairs well with more conventional shotgun weapons (like the Parliament), allowing for a rhythmic one-two punch of laser-cannon-cooldown-repeat. With this, an Audio-Kinetic Pulse may synergize well with the close engagements you'll be facing.
  • That said, keep behind cover if targets are at a distance; engage on your own terms.
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