The Buckmaster is a Loyalist light Mech. It has a Main hardpoint (unusual for this weight class) and a Small hardpoint.

Acquisitions Entry

A pure killing machine. Nearly as heavily armed as a Touro but much lower profile, built for speed and stealth. Not the most expensive development program, but one of the longest running. Ruthless in elimination of redundancies and aggressively streamlined systems, which is rare in a Loyalist design. Drivers love them, the responsiveness is what you'd expect from a light mech, but it's so much more than a Fork. Recon battalions can't get enough of them. You pay the price on maintenance though, since it's about as heavy of a stress you can feasibly put on a Fork chassis without going full Corvid on it.


Pilot Variant

Locke's Buckmaster is armed with a Thunderclap 14MW laser and Faker 107mm mortar, with Active Camouflage for defense.

Use the terrain to your advantage, softening up targets with mortars before blasting them with the Thunderclap, then use Active Camouflage to disengage and reposition before getting swarmed.


The hissing of pistons, the whine of servos, armor-shod feet rhythmically stomping, weighed down by the brute power of the railgun, all of these were things he enjoyed.

The Buckmaster, a marvel of engineering, is the only scout mech chassis able to mount such a heavy weapon. He thought the Buckmaster deserved a better name, so he called it what it truly was: a hunter. Specialist Hugh Armbruster loved his mech.
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