The Campaign is a series of 39 missions depicting events in the city of Solo Nobre on the night of its Great Leader's death. As the fragile order maintained by his rule is shattered and the former colony descends into chaos, a loose outfit of hired mercenaries - designated Brigadors - begins destroying strategic targets throughout the city in a bid to pave the way for the return of Solo Nobre's old corporate masters: the Solo Nobre Concern.

The Campaign serves as a kind of "Challenge" mode, each mission presenting the player with pre-set conditions to overcome; every mission takes place in a single District with static enemy loadouts and locations, and gives the player a choice of between 1 - 4 Vehicles with pre-configured Equipment sets. This contrasts with the more open Freelance mode which allows players to attempt Operations of varying length using whatever vehicle and equipment they choose.

Prologue Mission

The prologue mission takes place before Modesto Pires officially becomes a Brigador. This mission has only 1 loadout, and features no lethal enemy resistance.

Training/Tutorial Missions

There are 12 tutorial missions in the campaign, focusing on introducing the player to Gameplay Mechanics, the different Vehicle control schemes, and Weapon types. The original 3 training missions were replaced with these 12 training missions in the Up-Armored Edition.

Mech Training

Tank Training

Agrav Training

Up-Armored Missions

The first non-tutorial/introduction missions feature the 3 pilots used in the tutorial missions. These missions still feature tooltips for guiding the Brigador. These were introduced in the Up-Armored Edition.


The normal missions have 4 available loadouts, a combination of a pilot, a vehicle, a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, and a special equipment. The player cannot modify the loadouts, but can select one of the ones available.

Epilogue Missions

The following 4 missions take place after the main events of the game. These missions have the same 4 loadouts, featuring 4 pilots not used in earlier missions. They were introduced in the Halloween Update.

All Saints Missions

These missions use 2 pilots not previously used in the campaign, and 2 new pilots added to the roster in the All Saints Update.