Tanks are a class of Vehicle that move along the ground, either using conventional tank tracks, wheels or Spacer ball-treads. This class includes Tuk-Tuks and Treadbikes.

While they are not able to create area-of-effect melee damage like Mechs or Agrav units, tanks are able to use a quick burst of speed (or decrease in speed but increase in torque on some tanks) to ram buildings or units.

The Loyalists feature a strong menu of tanks for selection, and with more options than the Spacers or Corvids. All forms of mixes between speed and toughness, from the very slow and invencible Lowmill, to the fragile speedster Troubadour, with combinations inbetween.

Acquisitions Entry

Most jobs can be done, and probably done best, with a pair of treads. Been that way for a long time, and I suspect will stay so for a while yet. Spacers were going to show us dirt eaters how it's done with those ball-treads, but even with all their tech best they could manage is a hefty trade-off.

Unlike with most mechs and powersuits, tank crews don't need cranial jacks. Some are still wired up for it depending on the service and role - I've seen plenty of Betkas in the single driver config for example - but that's not the norm. Partly has to do with jack incompatibility being common enough in the service, partly because you can still make a good tank crew without it.

Agravs will never be as reliable. And much as I love a good pair of legs, tanks are simpler to build and maintain. It's why they're the mainstay of any military that sees regular combat and has a budget.


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