The Weapons of Brigador can be divided into 4 ammunition types, and 6 mounting hardpoints.

Ammunition Types

There are 4 types of ammunition, with each category generally sharing certain characteristics (with notable exceptions in each category):

  • Machine Gun - Generally quick-firing and effective against hull.
  • Laser - As a class, effective against all types; though certain weapons are highly specialized.
  • Cannon - Usually effective against hull, buildings and structures.
  • Artillery - Broadly effective, but will fire in an arc and are highly sensitive to vehicle movement.


There are 5 types of Primary/Secondary hardpoints:

  • Small - Typically found on light vehicles.
  • Turret - Larger than the Small mount, and always able to fire in a 360 degree arc.
  • Auxiliary - A mid-sized mount; often secondary to larger weapons.
  • Main - Large-bore ordinance commonly fitted to medium-to-large vehicles.
  • Heavy - Only found on heavy vehicles.

There is also a Special hardpoint found on all Pilotable vehicles:

  • Special - More often serving a defensive or utility role than direct damage, these weapons feature unlimited ammo but require a cooldown period before firing again.

All Pilotable vehicles also have a horn mounted:

  • Horn - Can be used to bait nearby enemies; they'll investigate the spot you sounded the horn from.

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Turret ConfessorParliamentMãe DoisCramboScimitarGutterballDiscoBully
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Main AbbotArchieDuchessBansheeBalãoPitbullThunderclapZeus
Heavy Bishop88KönigKrakenHarvesterPloughmanOtomoChieftain
Special Smoke ProjectorEMP GrenadeActive CamouflageAudio-Kinetic Pulse

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