Cephei Chatfield is a Spacer intelligence agent and pilot. As one of three information specialists hired by the SNC prior to their attempt to retake Solo Nobre, Cephei provides intel on potential Brigadors and is the author of much of the Pilot information in Acquisitions.

"Spawned" in an intelligence training crèche (as was Aela Koponen), Cephei is a skilled and seasoned fighter, as he has proudly put it.

A formidable, and boastifully confident, headhunter, Cephei's skills and resources are put to work with the SNC, discovering able pilots, regardless of affiliation, and, more importantly, appealing to each the best the Brigador contract can offer. For some, he suggests insurance to the pilot's survivors, for others, blackmail. To most, though, the contract is an opportunity ripe in action, payment, or both.

Cephei provides a rare close look at the Spacers' psyche. He lets outs his contempt for "planetdwellers" as a whole, seeing Nobre Soloans as "animals". He scorns any demonstrations of loyalty, kindness and dedicated service, seeing it as weak or misguided; his only appreciation for collective action is shown to Lovell Archer. On the other hand, skilfull lethality and incredible acts of slaughter earns his prompt respect and admiration, shown again and again to Spacer peers, and unfrequently, to Corvids. There is deference, however, in Spacer society, as expressed by him, regarding Cyclolucidites and the Auditors.

Nonetheless, Cephei possesses some traits uncharacteristc to his "exalted caste". He's well aware of the Spacers' distaste inherent to the depth of which he takes his investigations. Unlike Odetta Dunsmuir, he sees more in "planetdwellers" than as exclusive prey for violence, albeit far from respect, showing near obsession with more nebulous subjects. Also, he confesses affinity for the Man from Volta and "his immediacy to brutality". He further points out the Man's lack of adornments, as opposed to "the garish flourishes of my compatriots", which may reveal in Cephei an unusual austerity for a Spacer.

Acquisitions Entry

I am a pilot of some small renown. Not only have I distinguished my family and crew due to my own exemplary service, but I have also deigned to fight and excel on planetary campaigns as well - a painful experience for all concerned, to be sure. Most find my reconnaissance and intelligence work distasteful, but time and again I have been proven right in my well-known maxim: planetdwellers may be no better than animals, but even animals may do civilized things when properly studied and directed. Until we eliminate our few remaining ties to the hated soil, I will continue my reports; for an animal observed is an animal easily controlled.



  • His signature, "m.p.C.C.", derives from an antiquated way of signing manuscripts and letters and stands for "manu propria," which is a Latin phrase meaning "by one's own hand".


Manu Propria

Unlock Cephei Chatfield in Acquisitions
Manu Propria is an antiquated way of signing manuscripts and letters, meaning "by one's own hand" in Latin.

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