A civilian is an unarmed citizen of Solo Nobre. They wear yellow raincoats (a symbol of non-combatants) and have flashlight necklaces.

The Corvids have been known to hide suicide bombers among the yellow raincoat-wearing civilian population. When armed, these suicide bombers' flashlights will glow red.

Acquisitions Entry

The yellow raincoat on Novo Solo is considered as sacred as a waving white flag or red cross. Many Nobreans will refuse to wear the color outright, either for fear of tempting fate or because of their own too recent memories from the last time the raincoats were worn. Yasmin Bartle, "The Nobre Kid", was even thrown out of her own title fight because of the flamboyant yellow robes she'd sported on the way in. It's one thing to casually wear yellow, it's another thing entirely to wear it while beating the snot out of someone.

I'm not sure where the tradition began, but somewhere during the last century of conflict the color became synonymous with non-combatants. There's various stories about who or what inspired it - depending on who you ask it's their great grandmother dashing across lines the night of the Tuesday Sprawl, child in hand, or maybe some other forebear holed up in a crater. Regardless, for the last few decades Central has been distributing the now ubiquitous yellow slicker with a flashlight on a necklace, the latter creating a very characteristic sway when worn that's recognizable for miles.

If you see yellow in the streets, something terrible has happened.



Das Ist Eine Statistik

Kill 10,000 civilians.
"This is a statistic" in German.


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