The Design Bureau is a branch of the NEP responsible for designing Loyalist vehicles.

Among the Design Bureau's portfolio of vehicles are the Troubadour tread bike, the 240mm mortar equipped Dorothy powersuit, and the Prowler heavy tank.


  • The Bureau possesses some notable organizational idiossincrasies:
    • "Prickly", as Marvin Beck insinuates, there can be agressive reactions when critiquing pet projects, like the Confessor turret, a troublesome project with endless consecutives iterations.
    • Still, there's pride in successful designs, like the Duchess, honed to "reliable mainstay" after four year of versioning.
    • There is a hardheaded determination to push projects past Brass and the War Council, sometimes resorting to subterfuge, e.g. in the Galinha ruse, when Bureau falsified results for the Zeus, while secretly working on the prototype (in time, the project proved such sucess that Brass comissioned two mechs to be built around it: the Marlowe and the Mantis).
    • A taste for maneurability, as opposed to Brass bias for toughness, as in the Prowler, which slipped past with "some kind of bullshit designation like "Rapid Assault AFV"; and the Praetor case, when Bureau "laughed at Chief Engineer Halleck after that "maneuverability is for cowards" rant.
    • A sense of humour nonetheless, as in the joke draft for the Scimitar procurement.
  • Efigenia Tsang worked for the Bureau; "Valuable to her superiors" as pointed out by Beynder, Efigenia grasped Spacer technology, applying to NEP assets, levelling the playing field. It appears SNC brought her in appealing to her intellectual tastes for weaponry, readily available in a Corporation Lab (much like Marvin Beck, but in terms of vehicle tech).
  • Cephei Chatfield notes that Sabela Costa's creative ingenuity and genius could find success in the Design Bureau, if "in a less stagnant time and organization".
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