A Dorothy is a loyalist powersuit. It is equipped with one main and one small hardpoint. Piloting one is referred to as a death sentence, due to the lack of mobility over a Mongoose, with low protection compared to a standard Mech.

Acquisitions Entry

Not content with mounting the weapon on every other vehicle imaginable, Central demanded a powersuit capable of fielding Stubbies, the short-barreled Balão variant. The Design Bureau delivered a giant metal shuttlecock with the 240mm Mortar on its shoulder.

At first everyone figured it for a death sentence, punishment detail when Mog drivers get out of line. It's slow, difficult to pivot around, none of the traditional virtues of a powersuit and little of the protection of heavier mechs. Leg actuators fail on you and you'll probably bleed out from crushed femurs, honestly.

But while it costs nearly as much to maintain as the Buckmaster, the Dorothy earned a reputation after Corporal Chet Govender stumbled back from the Bolero Wells ambush, only survivor of an attack that wiped out a full Mog patrol and their Touro support. When in combat with powersuits the enemy expects a peppering of 8mm, not the 40mm slugs from a Duchess. They found an entire highway exit ramp crowded with Rolstons that Govender has eliminated single-handedly.


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