Eixo was another city on Novo Solo located some distance from Solo Nobre, likely founded by a conglomerate rival to the Solo Nobre Concern. At some point before the SNC's fall, a war had been fought, with "war trains" from Eixo rolling into Solo Nobre.

When Solo Nobre's spaceports were closed by Great Leader's isolationism, all interplanetary trade destined for the planet diverted to Eixo. From there, any goods bound for the city would make their way via heavily-screen rail to Solo Nobre.

Acquisitions Entry

Not many know to ask about Eixo. A few decades ago, you wouldn't even be able to read this; before the reign of Great Leader, Eixo didn't officially exist. If you ask around, like I once did, doors slam shut and old women glare at you from across the street. Strange men follow you into blind corners and dogs give you side-eye while they crap. So it still doesn't officially exist - but people talk, if you sit quietly in the right place and don't ask too many questions.

Solo Nobre is one of the only colonial extraterritorial cities I know of with an illegal immigration problem. Not the only one - that's a story for later - but certainly the most well-known. I don't know when Eixo was founded, I doubt anyone knows who's still alive, but I do know one thing - Eixo meant competition. It was and perhaps still is a rival, a jealous sister city to Solo Nobre, but founded under a less than liberated charter in the name of efficiency.

Under cover of the long night some of those workers - you certainly couldn't call them people - stole into Solo Nobre and found whatever living they could. Some of them set up food stands in the Outer Dead. Mostly they moved directly into the nearest necropolis. I think either way they were happier.

It might still be out there. Great Leader didn't want anyone to find out. I doubt the SNC would either. I dream about it sometimes. I'll let you know.

-MB (trashed file recovered from automatic backup)