Fly Blackbird is the 5th mission available in the campaign, and the first mission to offer a choice of 4 loadouts before the start of the mission.


Great Leader* is dead, and his illusionary control over Solo Nobre's fractured politics has died with him. The Corvids* have siezed control of roughly 25% of the city districts, including Zoekers' Scarp.

Zoekers' Scarp is a small elevated landmass to the South/Southwest of the Southern Reach. The terrain makes it an ideal defensive perimeter, and the local oil refinery is of clear strategic value for the Corvids. The SNC has more interest in the Orbital Guns* positioned there.

*Purchase LORE in Acquisitions for more details


Optional Targets



SteamAchievement-Original Contract Pt. 1
Original Contract Pt. 1

Complete FLY BLACKBIRD with tank controls enabled..

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