Freelance mode allows players to complete contracts offered by the SNC beyond the Campaign, using custom loadouts to complete objectives through multiple Districts in a row before ultimately escaping Novo Solo to collect payment.

Freelance has aspects of rogue-like gameplay, as enemy placement and makeup is randomized and death will prematurely end the run, resulting in the loss of virtually all earnings.


The player is free to choose from the lists of Pilots, pilotable Vehicles and Weapons (all of which must first be unlocked using funds earned during the Campaign or in Freelance mode itself). The player then chooses an Operation, which involve completing anywhere between 1 and 38 Districts of Solo Nobre before ultimately assaulting a Spaceport to escape via a commandeered inter-orbital Tug.

While the first District in an Operation is selected randomly, most Ops allow the player to visit the remaining districts in any order they choose. Some also allow the player to end a run early by choosing to assault the Spaceport before all other districts are complete, forfeiting objective completion bonuses but ensuring that at least partial credit is earned.

The most challenging Ops do not allow for 'Early Exit' or District choice, and must be completed in their entirety before payout.


No matter which Operation is selected, there will be three major objectives in each District:

  • Destroy the orbital guns
  • Remove all marked enemy targets
  • Eliminate >70% of the enemy garrison

Completing any one of these is enough to open the exit gates and allow the Brigador to proceed to the next District, but the SNC awards bonuses at the end for each objective if it is completed across every district.

Additionally, three minor objectives - destroying all Substations, Comms Towers, and Ammo Depots in the area - do not open the gates, but do have SNC completion bonuses at the conclusion of a run.

Freelance Operations
2-5 Districts OrientationFirst StrikeMoerbeke QuarterOuter CityThe GardensSouthern ReachInner City
6-10 Districts Put Them DownThe Long WalkThe DeadsPorto SantoAlcochete
11-15 Districts East 12West 12
16+ Districts

Solo NobreFull Linear Solo NobreCampaign RunClosed Casket Special