Great Leader was the unnamed founder of the paramilitary group 'Novo Exército do Povo' and, following a violent and ultimately successful uprising against the Solo Nobre Concern, supreme dictator of the colonial city-state Solo Nobre.

Ascent to Power

For many years, the inhabitants of Novo Solo were unhappy with the corporate rule imposed by the SNC. This unrest sparked the creation of the Novo Exército do Povo, or New People's Army, who aimed to take control of the colony from the SNC, using technology mostly unchanged from the colony's birth.

During the harsh violent uprising known as The Troubles, Great Leader and the NEP managed to drive the SNC from Solo Nobre, freeing the colony from corporate control.


After securing his dictatorship, Great Leader began introducing dramatic, increasingly isolationist policies; nationalizing industry, instituting tight controls on travel, resettling citizens, closing spaceports, and spurring rapid development to make up for the decades of neglect under SNC rule.

Expecting the SNC to return, he expanded the Nobrean defense, instituting civilian conscription and building a vast network of orbital defenses to prevent any spaceborne interference with the newly liberated colony.

He also began a fierce crackdown on the rampant crime throughout the city, using the newly expanded military to enforce strict law and order throughout the colony at the expense of the rights of its citizens. While crime has plummeted, this ongoing repression has not been met with universal approval.


Despite this heavy-handedness and contrary to the claims of corporate rhetoric, by most accounts Great Leader was in fact a fairly successful ruler; life on Novo Solo is hard, but improved immeasurably for the average citizen under the NEP. He was liked by much of the population for the stability, food & water security, and infrastructure development brought about by his edicts.

The ensuing chaos brought on by Great Leader's sudden, unexplained death allowed the SNC's contract mercenaries (designated 'Brigadors') to begin their assault on the districts of Solo Nobre in a bid to pave the way for the SNC's return to Novo Solo.

Personal Life

Great Leader lived in the highly-secured district of Central, where the War Council and other government bodies conducted business.

Great Leader was said to frequent the entertainment district of Lannois, but Marvin Beck questions the legitimacy of these rumors.

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