The Hoker is a small fixed-bodied Spacer Grav-bike. It is equipped with two Small hardpoints, and has very high speed and maneuverability.

Acquisitions Entry

I know the spacers don't call it that, but I can't find any other designation. Spacer design philosophy is split down the middle between things that are designed within the typical realm of resembling function (a fast agrav looks something like a bird, like the Lexov), and defiant geometric crap like the Hoker. Why is this thing shaped like an expensive saucepan? How does it land? I like to think some of it is a lingering push for psyops within their design teams. Anyway, the Hoker may only offer fractional protection for the pilot, but it's got speed and that bizarre shape to its advantage.


Notes & Strategy

  • The Black Hand seems a natural choice for the Hoker, leaving sprayed targets to decay while you zoom away.
  • A more upfront attack is launching towards hostiles with the Donkey and bodyslamming survivors.
  • Choose where to fight: sprawling AOs will offer ample room for maneuvers. A district like the Gasworks Turnpike will feel claustrophobic for a hit-and-run Brigador.
  • Use rough terrain patches (mud, rail tracks) to your advantage to slow down enemy pursuit in the form of tanks or mechs.
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