Joy Bus/Hell Ride is the 12th Campaign mission. The target is a single Citadel tank located almost immediately next to the player's starting point, however the pilot begins the mission with no ammo and no special weapons.

The player will need to evade multiple Bombucha kamikaze Agrav units while smashing through barriers and traversing the district in order to resupply at the North-East corner of the map, before returning to the entrance to destroy the target.

Acquisitions Entry

While several of our contractors are due for rotation back to rearming and refitting, there is a lone Loyalist command vehicle reported in the Crenshaw district. Crenshaw is a narrow, unremarkable mixed use district. The SNC understands that though dispatching missions in this manner runs against SNC operational guidelines, extra hazard pay will be included for taking a contract when you are already out of ammunition. Rest assured there are several depots on the district for immediate supply.

Remove the Loyalist command tower, and then proceed to your nearest SNC forward staging zone for rearming.


Enemy Units

Notes & Strategy

With its puzzle-like setup of no ammunition and kamikaze units to dodge as soon as it begins, Joy Bus/Hell Ride is often regarded as the most difficult mission of the original campaign.

  • When the mission begins, several Bombuchas will almost immediately begin tracking the Brigador. Move quickly and in wide circles to evade both the Citadel's weapons fire and the Bombuchas themselves.
  • The Citadel near the entrance of the district can be baited into firing its mortar, and with some skill/luck the pursuing Bombuchas can be led into the blast radius.
  • The most reliable strategy is to head towards the Ammo Depots and resupply, before heading back to eliminate the Citadel. This requires the Brigador to break through two rows of train carriages to escape the starting area while being hotly pursued by the Bombuchas.
    • The easiest way to do this is to keep moving in wide circles, getting a fair lead on the Bombuchas, and ground-pounding/stomping a section of first train carriage each time you pass by.
    • Once a hole has been punched, put more distance between you and the Bombuchas before rushing the hole and quickly smashing the second barrier. In an Agrav, you should only have to hit it directly once or twice to flatten it enough to pass over it. Good luck in the Fork.
    • There are more Bombuchas to evade in the city center; kiting them to move them out from the approaches to the Ammo Depots is necessary, but easier to manage than the starting area.

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