Knife Chase is the 16th Campaign mission.

Acquisitions Entry

Zona Abragão is a decayed manufacturing hub turned nightlife spot. Much smaller than surrounding districts, Abragão hoped to weather tonight by shutting of all power and keeping citizens indoors. Spacers have control, enemy strength reported as only a few scout bikes.

The military comm tower is being used to actively coordinate Spacer reinforcements in the area, and the SNC requests its removal.


Enemy Units

Notes & Strategy

  • As the briefing mentions, the reported enemy strength is a few Pavers, but during the mission the player will encounter five cloaked Zed Primes, each of which have the Spotter ability.
  • The Zed Primes have powerful short-range Otomo-type laser weapons, make sure to either take them out from a distance, or avoid them altogether.
  • A proven strategy is using the Troubadour to head straight for the Comms Tower, and back to the exit, making sure not to hit or crash into a Zed Prime spotter which will hasten an Alert status.
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