Marie Locke is a Loyalist pilot.

Acquisitions Entry

As incomparable as my intelligence network and skills are, even I am limited to what data exists. After the so-called Troubles, many repositories of civic data, ancestral records, and genetic information were purged in a misguided attempt to give equality to an innately unequal population. As a result, there is very little information on Locke's ancestors; there are no direct antecedents in any file, and she seems to have assumed this name upon reaching the age of majority. Curiously, she has a national identification number and supporting paperwork; either her original records were scrubbed by someone very talented, or she accurately forged the requisite details.

These are all traits which typify the Corvids, and she paints her face like one, yet she maintains an active NEP duty assignment with a respectable record. Surveillance and reports indicate a high degree of skill, yet her service transcript describes only average performance: a thoroughly unremarkable soldier on paper, yet with killer instincts. There are no other "Lockes" in Solo Nobre due to the particular demographic distribution of the Nobrean population. Where did she get these skills? Why do we know so little about her? Why pick such an unusual name? For one of the vermin, she has piqued my interest and I hereby commit to unearthing these answers.

Until then, I am left with this much: she does exist, and she does value compensation. I will assign performance bonuses accordingly.


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