Orbital view of Novo Solo

Novo Solo is a distant planet in the Outer Colonies. Though nominally habitable, aggressive flora and fauna has makes colonization and development difficult. As a result, few major settlements have developed to any appreciable degree, with the vast majority of the planet's hardscrabble populace massed together inside high-walled city-states.

Its first settlement and by-far largest city, Solo Nobre, was established as a colony by off-world corporate interests represented by a shell corporation: the Solo Nobre Concern. As one of the first planets to be colonized at such an extreme distance from Earth, the fledgling settlement had to make do in relative isolation compared to other colonies. The Founders almost didn't survive planetfall, and rampant crime and poor conditions under corporate control after it was established eventually galvanized the revolution led by Great Leader and his "New People's Army" which ultimately ejected the SNC from the planet and closed Solo Nobre's borders. The Orbital Guns now protecting the city defend against any outside interference.

While the planet is claimed by the SNC, at least one other city, Eixo, was founded by a rival conglomerate on the surface a considerable distance from Solo Nobre. As Great Leader's increasingly isolationist policies all but closed the ports, any interplanetary goods destined for Novo Solo shifted to Eixo before finally making its way by (heavily-screened) rail to Solo Nobre.

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