Orbital Guns are massive defensive artillery found in Solo Nobre, built by Great Leader to be used as a deterrent against both orbital spacecraft and any long-range terrestrial threats approaching the city. With the death of Great Leader and the NEP in disarray, they are the primary defense against outright invasion by the Solo Nobre Concern.

Their destruction is one of the primary conditions of the Brigador contract. During a mission they are often either primary or secondary objectives, and therefore their destruction usually offers a good bonus.

They will not fire upon Brigadors on the ground.

Notes & Strategy

Every district has 4 Guns. Destruction of every Gun in all districts in a contract will render a bonus payment - which will be properly increased by vehicle and pilot multipliers.

The most uncomplicated minimal objective in a district. Guns have fixed locations in each district meaning that, with time, navigating to them will come easily, shortcuts and obstrusions included. Some are placed right next to exploding scenery, so a few shots towards its general direction will finish it.

Guns just stand there. Technically, any sort of ammunition will take one down, dedicating enough time on it (minus the Black Hand, which does nothing to cover). But only The Auditor is allowed unchecked through districts, all other Brigadors will find opposition in the task so it is wise to consider the efficiency of your setup when Gun-hunting.

  • Any sort of mortar (Faker, Scimitar, Metronome or Balão), howitzer (Gutterball or Harvester) or Chemical Projector (Chuffer or Ploughman) is a great, if not optimal, choice to take down Guns. They'll prove their worth even more if Panic Walls have been lifted, nullifying their protection.
  • Dedicated demolition weapons like the Temblor and Bully make quick work of the Gun itself and any obstacle on the way.
  • Machine Gun munitions in general have a hard time eroding structures, Guns included.
  • Weapons aside, an Audiokinetic Pulse will sweep aside the Gun and obstrusions, if in its radius of effect. Mind the detonation blast.

Ramming a Gun with your vehicle is a poorman's option of damaging a Gun, but do not kill it this way, or else the blast you destroy you.

The detonation of a Gun can be used if hapless foes are passing by, much like Ammo depots.