The Praetor is a heavy Loyalist Mech, with one heavy and one turret hardpoint.

Acquisitions Entry

It's the nature of military engineering to take things too far. The Praetor represents that limit, as least as far as Loyalists are concerned. Touro's stouter younger brother, the Praetor is a command variant with major firepower and the ability to take a little more on the chin. Pays for it in tight corners though. Praetors are slower and can't turn for shit, but you can ride the thing straight through an enemy line and out the other side. Design Bureau laughed at Chief Engineer Halleck after that "maneuverability is for cowards" rant, but Praetors have plowed though walls and even minefields without a dent before, so who's to say? Besides, Halleck is second only to the Founders in the Praetor driver set.



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