The Sawbuck is a Corvid Powersuit. It is not currently pilotable by the player.

Acquisitions Entry

If you can believe it, nobody has bothered to ID the central cockpit component on these things. I don't think anyone else cares, but the enclosure is the same on the Klezmer/Boatman, even the Tasker. The Corvids don't standardize nearly anything, so this has to be a common and easily stripped out component from something else. It's not from any Loyalist vehicle, that's what is driving me nuts. It's armored, it's not like it's from a civilian vehicle. Do they have a cache of rusted out cockpit enclosures from some other planet, some other war? Some kind of massive offworld trade deal with other desperate sons of bitches, junked hulls spirited in under the wire?

It doesn't really matter. Even if it does keep me up some nights trying to figure it, Sawbucks are baby's first powersuit. No atmospheric filtration, no pressurization, no distributed camera array for redundancy, limited range of motion on the limbs. Doesn't matter where the cockpit enclosure comes from when the view slot's just another funnel for bullets into the driver's skull.


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