Scarabs are Loyalist Ultra-heavy Tanks. They house massive Shield Generators which, when destroyed, release a large amount of shield-recharging particles that the Brigador can capture.

Acquisitions Entry

Scarab duty is anything but glamorous, yet I find Scarab drivers (who simply refer to themselves as 'Scarabs') are held in quiet esteem by their mechanized peers. The advent of combat rechargeable shields meant that on top of their mechanics, vehicles operating on the front need their own medics as well. Given a properly maintained rotation Scarab teams are able to field-reset at regular intervals the shielding arrays of a force several times their number, dramatically increasing the survivability and operational capacity of the receiving drivers. However this utility also makes them the first targets pursued in any conflict, which is why it's no wonder Scarab drivers suffer one of the highest mortality rates in the NEP.

Scarabs themselves have a bizarre internal culture, most notably in their intense gallows humor and inscrutable rhyming slang. For example Scarabs will never acknowledge a former crewmember as dead, they're simply "with Holly' - a reference to Holly Hill, one of the original Texas 7 dancers, which rhymes with 'butcher's bill', that crew member having paid it.

Other drivers, at least the smart ones, tend to be very deferential towards their Scarab support, even if they don't understand what they're saying most times.


Notes & Strategy

  • Scarabs drop a large number of Shield Particles when destroyed. This makes them a battlefield pit-stop, even during engagements. Train your eye to catch them in the area of operations; recharging hardshields mid-fight gives you an edge against hostile swarms.
  • Be careful when hunting Scarabs at long-range; greedily speeding toward a pool of shiny Particles may mean death under fire from any enemy backup that heard the kill from further off-screen.
  • It might pay to spare lone Scarabs, returning to harvest their bounty later. Their mediocre mounted turret disqualifies it as a threat to any but the smallest vehicles.

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  • When destroyed, Scarabs release a large amount of shield-regenerating particles.