Shield Generators are responsible for creating and maintaining a Shield around a vehicle. As long as the shield generator remains operational, vehicles that have the shield will not take damage to their Hull. All Brigador Vehicles (even the Corvid Tuk Tuk, the Varlet) feature shield generators, and some of the larger Non-pilotable enemy vehicles are also equipped with them.

Acquisitions Entry

Despite concerns over its radioactivity, the AN/VLQ-317 and the personal variant AN/PLQ-317 have become standard issue on most colony worlds. Although the shields can stop just about anything, they require 14 hours to cooldown after use and are therefore impractical for prolonged use.

However, one tank crewman discovered that injecting diesel into the coolant line would cause the shields to regenerate from the residual ions of destroyed shield generators. That crewman also discovered that not properly regulating the flow of diesel would lead to explosive catastrophic failure. As such only the truly daring or desperate ever resort to this practice.

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