The Shortbus is a pilotable heavy Corvid Agrav, bearing one Heavy and one Small hardpoint. It appears throughout the Campaign, first in the mission Suicide Machines.

Acquisitions Entry

This is one bus that will catch you. Light, tough, and surprisingly quick, the Shortbus comes out of nowhere and blasts through most defenses. Seconds after it enters range of sight, one of these monsters will be right on top of you and firing away with its one-two punch. All the while, those crazy Corvids will be perched on top, hooting and hollering.

- MB

Pilot Variant

Reis' Shortbus is armed with a Kraken 90mm chain gun and Pinch rocket, with EMP Grenades for defense. This loadout is a disabler. The Kraken deals excellent armor damage bus is poor against shields, while both the Pinch and EMP Grenades will stun units and destroy shielding.

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