Not to be confused with Solo Nobre (Operation).

Solo Nobre

Solo Nobre is the largest city-state on the colony world Novo Solo.

Houses in the Nobre Dunes Gated Community, one of 5 districts inside the Inner City of Solo Nobre. Note the Orbital Gun.

First established as a mining colony by the unnamed conglomerate represented by the Solo Nobre Concern, corporate rule was ultimately toppled in a coup by Great Leader and the NEP, many years before the events of the game. The NEP closed off the state; shuttered the ports, restricting trade and travel; and began a program of rapid development to establish social order and build strong orbital defenses against any interference from space.

Two factions developed among the population of Solo Nobre: the Loyalists willing to defend the comparative security and quality of life brought about by the NEP, and the anarcho-syndicalist Corvids on the threshold of revolution against the oppressive policies of Great Leader. A contingent of Spacers is also present in and around the city, facilitating arms deals with Great Leader for their advanced weapon and Agrav technology.

Decades after their ouster from Solo Nobre, the SNC returned on the very night of Great Leader's death, offering pilots in the city a mercenary contract to destroy the orbital guns and other military infrastructure, in order to pave the way for a full invasion to reassert corporate control.

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