The Swede is a Loyalist Heavy Mech, made pilotable in the Up-Armored Edition. The Loyalist version is armed with only a Stun Laser, but the Brigador version is equipped with Heavy and Main hardpoints.

Acquisitions Entry

Whatever team designed this was so in love with the weapon housing they forgot to leave room for the pilot. Driver height maxes out 1.68m, and even that's pushing it. The seat straddles the generator housing with far too little insulation, so taking a Swede out for a jog will max out the cooling system and still leave the driver in a puddle of their own sweat.

As a result Swede drivers suffer the double indignity of being both short and unhygienic, a lethal combination against hopes of promotion or romance. They're an idiosyncratic lot, and Fork drivers in particular pride themselves on always having jokes at the ready about how to "kill a Swede." The only redeeming quality is that it's actually quite effective in the field, which explains the continued deployment despite shortfalls on cockpit design.


Notes & Strategy

  • Keep your distance, Swedes field a sort of close-to-mid range beam that slows down movement, making you a better targets for its cohorts.
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