Sweethearts are Corvid Mechs. They are equipped with one Heavy hardpoint and one Small hardpoint.

Acquisitions Entry

A rose by any other name. Sweethearts are one of the most restrained in the Corvid arsenal, by dint of being a cut down Touro chassis brought back from the scrapyard. Arguably with a few certain improvements on that venerable machine. Moving the cockpit off to the left makes for worse visibility, I mean a huge blind spot off to the right unless you're careful with your sensor sweeps to compensate, but the Main hardpoint has been upped to a Heavy and is now very nearly center-lined, rather than off to the right on a Touro. That means follow-up shots and overall balance for the legs while firing on the go is a lot nicer than it is on most Loyalist leg units, from what I can gather.


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