Texas 7 is a casino franchise that has buildings throughout Solo Nobre. There is no particular bonus beyond standard payment for destroying one.

Acquisitions Entry

Few criticisms can be made more easily of Great Leader's social policies than to point out the spread of Texas 7 franchises. A combination casino, roadhouse, buffet, strip club, and by most accounts bordello, Texas 7 is a national embarrassment and ineluctably twined to Solo Nobre's compulsory military service. The tall Texas 7 neon signs visible throughout the city are known sarcastically as "NEP guardposts," because any NEP base is sure to be within half a click of a Texas 7.

Similar comments have been made regarding the disproportionate percentage of soldiers' earnings spent inside Texas 7. Visit one if curiosity demands, but at all cost avoid them on any soldiers' payday.


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