The Deads is both an Operation and a nickname for a collection of certain Districts in Solo Nobre.

As this operation has early exit disabled, the player must navigate through all 6 districts in turn, and cannot jump to the Spaceport at the end of the first district.


Acquisitions Entry

The residents of Solo Nobre have a black sense of humour that nearly puts our own to shame. According to the administrative records, the districts known as "the Deads" date back to the original settlement of Solo Nobre. We suspect that most of the colonists headed to the original destination of the Founders either died en route or burned up on re-entry. Judging from the name of this venerable collection of prefabricated habitats, now "revitalized" by what passes for arts on Novo Solo, the Founders' survival was as much of a surprise to them as it was to us.


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