The Treehouse is a towering Corvid Ultra-heavy tank with dual Heavy mounts. It is extremely slow, but capable of firing over high cover and as an Ultra-class vehicle has an innate 25% damage resistance bonus and increased trample damage.

Acquisitions Entry

Normally - if there is a "normal" for a siege engine made out of old jalopies - you'd expect the cars to be stripped out entirely for something like this. Instead, Corvid engineers keep all the horns and headlights and link them up to the main cockpit controls. When one of these comes rolling in, blaring and blazing like the angels on judgement day, the Treehouse goes from silly to terrifying in seconds flat. Fortunately the thing itself doesn't have that kind of acceleration - keep your distance and don't let the bastards surprise you.


Pilot Variant

Sabela Costa's Treehouse is armed with a Ploughman chemical projector and König 30mm gatling gun, with an Audio-Kinetic Pulse for defense.

This loadout is for murdering everyone and everything in sight. Best if piloted aggressively and using height to fire over protective cover. Be careful not to drive through your corrosive gas however.

Notes & Strategy

  • Ultra class: +25% damage resist, increased Trample
  • The Treehouse is extremely tall, making it difficult to hide from Spotters.


  • The turret of the Treehouse resembles an early 90's Toyota Estima MPV.

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